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About Us

We are Linda & Marcy, both passionate about living life authentically and like-minded about the importance of creating and sharing special moments with those you love. 


Between us we have celebrated milestone birthdays, successful businesses and careers, our children's accomplishments, celebrations of life, and even occasional full moons on the river.  

We have each been through our own difficulties in life and understand the most precious gift is each day you are able to share with your close circle of friends and family. 

So, after Linda and her partner put together their own 'intimate wedding' several years ago, she began to wonder why an all-inclusive, small wedding option wasn't available in one of the most desirable wedding locations in the country. 

That got us thinking.

Finally, after raising our kids and scaling back our careers (more celebrations!) we launched Intimate Weddings, Vermont.  These small but elegant weddings are designed for the independent couple that wants to celebrate together, perhaps with their closest friends, and then build their weekend (and their lives) around what makes them happiest.   If Intimate Weddings, Vermont sounds like it's for you, we can't wait to meet you. We promise we will make your celebration as authentic and beautiful as you.

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